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Touch of Color, Inc. (TOC) understands the competitive nature of a production builder's business and the necessity to uphold the highest commitment of quality, service and customer satisfaction. With this as a focal point, TOC prides themselves in possessing a management culture with a hallmark of professionalism and a firm customer focus.

Builders who are innovative in promoting their strengths through model homes, sales collateral and their online presence can effectively differentiate themselves from the competition. Just as the use of technology can keep a builder in the forefront of its competition, TOC is firmly committed to remaining current and relevant in today’s market. As a technology leader, they offer a fully integrated, proprietary builder support software system that not only helps drastically reduce design flaws and change orders, but also enables increased productivity in design, reducing overbuying of materials and allowing for a more precise cost estimate — all of which will significantly boost profit margins while still providing tremendous value for homebuyers!

TOC is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of operational excellence and quality assurance that is clearly demonstrated in the quality of its people, cost, and customer service. It is TOC’s priority to concentrate on their builder's needs and with its customer-focused design process, assuring that specifications and requirements will be met at a superior level.

Custom Builders

For a custom builder, a good reputation is a calling card and is hinged upon the quality of work, design and products. A willingness to take into consideration homebuyer’s desires ultimately brings about the target goal…building the home of their dreams.

The moment a homebuyer walks into TOC’s design center, a friendly, highly knowledgeable design consultant will walk through the entire process of personalizing their custom home.

TOC’s customized option programs make choices easy, comfortable and convenient allowing custom homebuyer’s to view thousands of unique product offerings in a wide array of colors and styles. TOC helps custom homebuyers create their very own beautiful custom home.